We nourish people by growing and sharing good food.


We connect people to the land, food and each other. 


We inspire people to learn, grow and share. 

Site Assessment & Visioning
Program & Design 
Business Planning & Development
Community Engagement & Marketing
Implementation & Management
Evaluation & Coaching


Project types

Master Planned Communities / Agrihoods
Resorts, Retreats, Hotels and Restaurants
City and County Parks and Open Space
Senior Centers, Hospitals and Clinics
Religious and Spiritual Centers
Schools, Colleges and Universities 
Corporate Campuses and Rooftops
Camps and Community Centers
Private Estates, Ranches and Farms
Prisons and Rehabilitation Centers
Land Trusts and Ag Districts

We work closely with developers, design professionals, municipalities, non-profits, companies and private landowners to efficiently design, build, and manage farms in a wide variety of projects.

We support our clients at any stage of a project or idea. From proposals and presentations to community workshops and events, programing and visioning, site design and landscape architecture, budgeting, management and more. 

What we do

We create farms that inspire, connect and nourish individuals, families and communities to live healthier, happier lives.